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HW110 .177 6 months old

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HW110 .177 6 months old

Hllo all!

Ive had my HW110 for 6 months and am already getting itchy for another PCP! So I’m considering a swap or a sale, just looking to see what offers I get to see if it’s worth it! The rifle is 6 months old, comes with 3 sets of mounts (ATN quick release 30mm tube, Hawke fixed mount both 1” and 30mm so any scope you have it will fit! That’s nearly £80 in just mounts...), 2 magazines, a bipod, bag and a shooting bag rest! 

It’s EXTREMELY UNFUSSY with pellets, every brand I’ve put through (no crappy pellets) has been unbelievably  accurate! So if you have any offers I’m all ears!

There isn’t a mark on this rifle!

please no stupid offers, the mounts and the bag (scope can be included if the the swap offers one in return) cost over £100 themselves and the rifle is only 6 months old therefore realistically looking for near the £550 mark or a swap for a PCP (and cash if the PCP offered is worth it) I preferably want a swap! 

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