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Fao royston2 Ratkilla and Kane

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just a few pics took today of the pup thought you fellas might be interested.

Training is still coming on slow she will be perfect one minute then ignore everything i say the next. Just like most women really :laugh::tongue2:

well enjoy.













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Hi Jordon,..

If you want some advice mate, i would NOT go crazy with the training of these types of dogs...bonding is WAY more important...they will never be like a collie/greyhound mate, and to exspect them to be is un-fair...but neither should you let them get away with everything!..lol.


If i was you, i would concentrate on just a few things...mainly stock breaking, and a good SOLID re-call...once you have the re-call, everything else just falls into place...retreaving etc, etc...mine are taught to carry back, although most of the stuff they now catch is awkward, if not impossible to carry back sometimes...but the recall is essential mate...spend as much time as you can with her, they seem to undersatnd what you want, the ore time you spend with them, then you end up telling them to do very little...they just seem to 'read' what you want...not always though..lol.


Good luck mate..



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