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Drop Shotting Small Jelly Lures For Zander And Perch

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Yep love jiggging up the canal never no what youll hook. I like the big perch myself. f****d if i can get used to tying the fluro to the braid though !!!

uni knot is the easiest i have found, double on the braid to fluro. failing that a small swivel and a couple of half blood knots lol

Im new to knots lol cheers

i bet you had a window seat on the special bus when you were at school :laugh::laugh:



Nah mate was waiting round corner for you to go work so could pop in and see your mrs :laugh:


you couldn't peel your lips off the window. so no worries there :laugh:

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Only popped in to get some jig heads...30quid later....


£19.99 for one of those! It's no wonder you get people getting all light fingered in dem tackle shops. Personally it's the £1.99 ones for me.


i would be wanting 10 for £1.99, china is cheap as chips :laugh:

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Had a couple of hours to spare, so I grabbed the rod and jig bag, jumped in the truck and headed for the local cut again. First hou was a total loss but as dusk fell, the dredging barge worked its magic once again. Standing on the back and drops hotting down the side. A good Perch, only around a pound but good enough for me.



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