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Scope !!

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I'm after a scope. Presently I've a Hawke Panorama and an MTC Viper Connect on two of my rifles. I need a third scope for my TX200.


Looking for a light scope with side parallax. Something along the lines of 3-12×40. I'd consider another Panorama but I'm not keen on front AO adjustment. I've seen the Hawke Vantage 4-12×40 SF. It cost considerably more for this model than the "non side focus Vantage" .. I'm thinking if I pay out the extra dosh I'm only going to get the optical ability of the cheaper Vantage scope. (11 layer multi coating) the Panorama has 16 layer. I'm not well up enough on scopes to know if this would make that much difference.


I'd consider MTC & Nikko, though I don't want any scope that has the illuminated reticle adjuster at the rear. Hinders me using my night vision kit.


Bit stuck on what to go for! ... Budget max £165. Would consider new or secondhand .. Any suggestions what scopes I might look at .. atb

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Or try one of the Nikko Sterling range of side focus scopes... Pretty good optics for the dosh and nice build quality... I don't have one myself, but a mate of mine has one and he swears by it!! I had a look through and I was really impressed with it - not sure which model it is, but it was around £150 and I think it's 4-16x50 with side focus...

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