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slip hound

Sportdog 425Sd

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Lads I have bit of a problem here so if their is is any sportdog collar owners on here please put me straight I originally had a canicom 400 collar and reciever which is great no problem bar the led screen is a bit scary showing the digits on it but totally my fault due to the battering it has got over the year but I wanted to add a extra collar to the set up for another dog but I could not get one anywhere which brings me on to the sportdog 425sd I purchased this unit barking in mind it was not cheap + addtional collar so I can keep my two dogs in check so I open the box and try and match the collars which paired up but the thing is I can not control each collar induvidaly which is about as useful as a choclate teapot for instance if I want to correct one dog thst is acting up I am also correcting the dog that is working away fine which I don't want to do.sportdog advertise this unit as can control 3 dogs but what the hell would be correcting 3 dogs at the same time for am I missing some thing here in the setting syncing of the collars I noticed on some of the other models their is a toggle switch mine has not any info please fill me in at wits end with it at this stage

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