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Long Netting Advice (Weather / Time Of Year)

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I'm sure this has all been asked before, and I have tried looking for the info on the internet. Anyway I'm looking to break in to night time long netting. I do a lot of ferreting and use quickset long nets with them, but want to try my hand at long netting, so a couple of questions:


1 - Can you long net any time of the year or mainly the summer months (i.e are the rabbits out feeding at night during the winter months?


2 - Weather, is long netting in the wet any good, or are most of the rabbits underground?


3 - Any other tips greatly received. I've got several football grounds to clear and a couple of grassland farms. This isn't commercial, it's just me doing a few people a favour with their rabbit problems. The plan is to use 2 x 50yrd quick set long nets and torch to move the rabbits on.


Thanks in advance,



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1 Yes, provided the ground is suitable.


2 I think the rabbits around this area dislike the rain as much as I do.


3 If your using a quick set forget the torch the quick set will get them moving quick enough.



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Try using the nets around crops and things, you'll learn more trying than wondering. Some rainy nights herd they stay underground, others they feed, depends on how much rain over previous days and how hungry they are, deffo don't need a torch, unless your scared of the dark, take your time pal, slow an steady is the quietest way to go and don't be scared to try it if you think it may work

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Thanks for the advice. I've been out a couple of times in the last 10 days, so much easier than ferreting. I'm clearing a football ground for a mate, who is highly impatient as the rabbits keep digging up the pitch. The only problem is the weather is far from ideal and unlike a field, you only have a set area to deal with, which makes setting up the nets and not scaring off the rabbits a bit more of a challenge.

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