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open season

Help Wanted Please

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Thanks for looking

I am looking to take my lad wild camping but seem to be struggling really bad trying to find some where in the north Yorkshire area

can i please add my lad and I want to be able to hunt for a few rabbits for our tea and be able to build a small camp fire proper wild camping as my lad puts it lol

this will only be for a few nights if any one can help it would be much appreciated as school is starting back up again and I promised id take him just didn't bank on it been this hard tbh to find somewhere legal we can do this

if any kind land owners wouldn't mind us pitching up for a few nights that would be great

thanks guys n girls

off to watch footy now so any replys il get back to you soon as I can and thank you

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This is a nice idea man.


But in a way, and don't take this the wrong way, essentially, your asking for the contact of members permissions..? To contact for your camping trip. Now, this might sound fine, and of course it is, however, shooters can be rather protective of there permissions as they don't come round that often. To get shooting permission is a big thing and some, not all, are a bit 'why would I potentially give my shoot away?' As you could also ask the land owner for permission yourself. I'm not saying you would, but the thought is there.


If it's just camping you want to do, with the odd shot rabbit or two, maybe contact the land owners yourself? If you don't plan on using it as a regular permission, they could be a bit more receptive to your request. It could be a good way in...


Good luck with it all.

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Thanks for the info bud I have no intention of stealing any ones perms at all or asking for permission once im where ever wenare camping, as I know my self how hard it is to gain them all Im asking is if any one would allow us to have a couple nights wild camping up in the north Yorkshire area or any land owners would be willing to allow us the opportunity to wild camp I can see where your coming from tho bud.

many shooter might be thinking the same I don't know

id ask the land owners my self but I don't live that way so wouldn't know who to contact hence why im asking on here bud

I am hoping some one on here may be able to help out

but I understand where your coming from Rez

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