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Home Brew Nv Set Up.

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Have my home brew nv set up. Just not using it as I have other nv and lamping kits.


It's a Sony hd mini effio 700tvl camera little black hard metal case with 9-22mm zoom lens. this has a spare control cable which when tweaked can get more range I had it about 100 yards which is fine for sub 12 air guns. Can see quarry plain and check your backstop.


The rubber tube is quite big that slides over the scope I used mine on mtc mamba lites and it was still a little big so I packed the tube out with black tape. But a replacement can be bought on eBay for about £8 to fit your scope properly. I'll throw in a coil of tape so it can be used before a different size is bought.


A t20 ir torch with doubler kit on it. And a side weaver rail clamp.


Has a battery and charger which includes incar lead.


Lithium blue battery and charger. And neoprene stock pouch


A small 3.5" monitor. These are cheap to upgrade. And the base that fits to the quick link is slightly cracked but all works fine.


There is also two 25mm picitanny scope clamps with the rail ontop to take the monitor and torch clamp. These are being delivered today or tomorrow as I didn't need them but bought them to sell on.


Nice set up nothing needed to just go out and use it. But could benefit from a few cheap upgrades.


£160 postedpost-94013-140558718074_thumb.jpg

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