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Help To Get In To Pigeon Shooting

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Think I posted this in the wrong place earlier...?


Hey guys, so after many attempts to procure some pigeon shooting/pest control (because I was told that farmers may need other things shooting not just pigeons) in my area I'm getting a bit disheartened. I'm not enjoying the fact that I'm unable to get involved in some form of crop protection on my area. My area is central scotland BTW. I have been shooting clays and the occasional duck shoot for a couple of years now. Have my shotgun licence and my own gun for about a year and absolutely love shooting can't get enough of it! So I guess what I'm looking for is someone who may be looking for someone to shoot with in or around central scotland (I live in grangemouth) or can somehow help me or point me in the direction of someone who could get me out on the pigeons! :) any help would be much appreciated !! :) Thanks in advance guys Cheers Stu

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