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  1. redsikaroe

    Fox Shooting

    Where about in central scotland are you
  2. redsikaroe

    Sika Stag Stalking

    Should pm details please
  3. redsikaroe

    Help To Get In To Pigeon Shooting

    How far are you willing to travel
  4. redsikaroe

    Day Time Foxing

    Got my first doe of the new season shot with the 243 and 100 grain heads about 150 yards
  5. redsikaroe

    .243 75 Gr Vmax With Imr 4350

    According to the hornaday manual max load is 46.7 of h4350 and the grain head max load is 44.4 of h4350 hope that help you
  6. If you have any places left in Feb 2015 please give me a pm thanks
  7. redsikaroe

    Anyone Reloading For A Tikka T3 In .243?

    I have a weatherby 243 just started to use sierra 100grain and 32.7 h4895. My barrel is 1 in 12
  8. redsikaroe

    Day Time Foxing

    Went out to see if I could find the fox that was taken chickens during the day,Sat out for about half an hour then seen the fox, it sat about 130 yards away,took the shot the fox dropped,phoned the farmer went home . That's two foxes on the same hill killed at the same time of day in less than a month Lucky
  9. redsikaroe

    Fox Control Perthshire

    Is the offer still available if so please pm me thank you
  10. redsikaroe

    .222 And Deer

    It seems to me very odd here in Scotland that I can shoot roe with my 223 rem and can't do that south of the border, can the BDS or anybody give a good reason.
  11. redsikaroe

    Vihtavuori N140 In A .223

    Bcl 2 I use all the time for my Rem 700 and v max 55 heads and lapua brass small rifle primers,I have had good results with deer and Fox.
  12. redsikaroe


    Hi everyone just joined I am from Scotland and shooting is my game