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I have watched the fantastic videos and read the how to guide by BPR and like the idea of trying to make a catapult; however having not used one before I want to buy a catapult that is good to go; capable of hunting with. As I get the hang of revised marksmanship principles with a catapult; I'll look at making my own.


So if anyone has a catapult good to go with band set they want to sell; let me know....



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Yeah my only concern is a poor workman can then blame his tools.....


I'll have a crack at it...


Is there a technique to consistent shooting?

the secret is dont just go out and cut any fork because that is where it goes tits up get up the hedgerows and into a few copse and keep looking until you find the right one .a nice evenly matched fork that fits nicely into your hand .if you pm me a email address i will send you a pic of one i made a while ago for a friend .it might give you an idea of what you might want to copy :thumbs:

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