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River Browns

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I am a unexperienced very unexperienced at fishing but so far Ive been very lucky on the first day of the season I had nothing to the point I was for going home then a kind gent showed me what to use and how to fish them so ended up catching 27 before catching a tree got my flies back but had to cut the leader from then I had 4 keepers and none under 9" (I've just realised there's no full stops). So from the first I have been out several times, even ended up going for a swim today. Have been steadily improving and catching more and more fish. Got 6 fish today (only out for 45 mins my swim cut the outing short ) However 4/6 fish where 12-14" the other 2 between 8 and 9. so have had a very good week and the water is not as cold as I thought .

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