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2 Woodcock And A Snipe

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Wouldn't mind trying to do one of the wood cock myself but I'm looking to know how to dry out the skins I no about salt Pete ( outlaw Pete?? ) has mentioned that you could use some other thing but would have to keep it dry if I did use it would I be able to keep them in sealable bags??

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You want bird skins that ye can keep around till ye need some feathers off them for fly tying. Yes?


Okay. Rub borax powder into the inner side of the skins and it'll dry them out and preserve them to a degree. They'll certainly do for your purposes anyway.


Then, the main consideration of storing them would be the prevention of insect damage, later on down the line. What I'd personally do with them? I'd get an empty pepper pot and stick a moth ball, or some naphthalene crystals in it. Put that in a biscuit tin, lined with kitchen roll and bung the various skin scraps in there.


Naphthalene will stop insects. Kitchen roll will wick away any atmospheric moisture. Tin lid will keep mice and dust out.

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