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Quick Night Out

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Got home from work last night and couldn't get settled in the house so decided to have a quick shine with the dog. Not the best of conditions no wind and the moon was up with little cloud cover, but i went out anyway.


Had a rough idea of where i was heading and thought i might see a few rabbits. Got to the first field and put the lamp on to see every rabbit heading for cover lol.


Carried on and did a few fields and managed to get the odd one sitting tight in the field. slipped the dog when i got near and it was great to see him giving chase. Managed 3 slips in total the whole night but no end result, but i wasnt expecting anything great just enjoyed being out and am sure the dog did too.


One slip was down a hill and in some marsh type land. Great chase and a good few turns but in the end the rabbit managed to slip under a wall and dash across the field. Knocked the lamp off and waited for the dog to come back. Put the lead back on and decided to have a shine in the field across from me.


Quick scan of the field and 2 massive eyes looking back at me. Didn't have a clue what it was so decided to sit tight and see if it got closer. Put the lamp back on and the eyes were getting closer and now in the middle of the field. Still couldn't make out exactly what it was and wondered if it was a farmer with his dog.


Followed it with the beam to a wall and it went out of sight. Suddenly i spotted it jumping the wall and walking side on towards me. Instantly i saw its bushy tail and realized it was a fox. I sat tight to see what it did and it stopped to check me out.


The sheep must have seen it and huddled together in a group and stood looking. I couldn't believe how close it got within 5 meters off me just looking. The sheep made a dash for it and the fox followed. I still sat tight and watched. The fox turned back and came up close again just checking me out.


I decided to carry on lamping and went to the next field. Nothing showing so i thought i would call it a night. Started walking back home and had a look back with the lamp and the fox was walking behind following.


Made my night seeing the fox and was a good end to a blank night



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