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Bling It On Nitecore Srt7 Tactical Torch 960 Lumens

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This torch has all the boxes ticked, its very high tech build and up to date electronics put it in a class of its own. I am not clued up on all the bits inside this awesome torch but heres link to the torch gurus review



The build is exceptional extremely well made, I took it lamping the other night and its functions worked well red for setting up the gun, loading the mags etc searching for downed rabbits with the dimmable white light was very good you also could use the green or blue settings they are not for distance use its all close up use with the coloured leds, I often go out on foot lamping alone (always tell the wife what area I'm going too) and its a reassuring feature to have the beacon feature should anything untoward happen you could be located very quickly with the beacon mode which can last for several hours. There are mineral glass filters available in red green and blue, I took the red out and it works to 100 yards but it has a wide beam at these distances, you could mount it on a air rifle or 22lr and get good use from it as a lamping tool, it would be great in buildings for rats etc with the dimmable white light with the mineral glass filters fitted.


For general use this torch is very handy, walking the dog, going on holidays, kept in the car, hiking camping etc etc with up to 200 hrs run time on a single battery.


For the price £99.99 you get 18 months warranty and a life time limited guarantee


This is one torch that i am going to use a lot so it needs to be rugged and well built which I'm glad to say it is.


Please feel free to PM me for more details if your interested in this torch

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I'm after a good gun mounted light for a hmr, what sort of range does the white light push out to because I need something that will push 300 yards + as it will also be getting used on a centre fire rifle as we'll.

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