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Laser Cut And Heat Treated Knife Blanks For Sale

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Hi all I have a mix of 52100 steel knife blanks that have been professionaly laser cut and heat treated in sheffield. These are quality blanks however I do not have the time to finish them myself and so I thought I would put them up on here so that they can get finished and so I can get some of the money back that I hav invested in these(which I will most likely spend on some more custom knives :D ).


First up is my large hunter model:


I have 7 of these that are 185mm long by 30mm wide by 5.8mm thick


I would like £18 each for these posted


next up is a woodlore design with room to add your own blade design to the woodlore handle




I have 7 of these are 215mm long by 28mm wide and 4mm thick


I would like £15 each for these posted


next up is a mini version of the above woodlore design



I have 8 of these are 165mm long by 20mm wide and 2.5mm thick


I would like £11 each for these posted


the woodlore designs will look like this when ground to shape - these two below are for sale


normal woodlore blank £20 posted

small woodlore £14 posted


and they will look like this when finished


next up is my neck knife blank design



these are 152mm long by 25mm wide and 4mm thick


I have 4 of these for sale at £12 each posted


and one finished one for sale at £22 posted








next up is my box cutter blank design



these are 163mm long by 20mm wide by 3.8mm thick


I have 2 of these and i would like £12 each posted


next I have 3 mixed knife blanks





they have a little rust that can be removed with sand paper

I would like £28 posted for the lot


and last up are 2 deer antler carving knives they have 60mm blades




the bottom one has had its handle glued and attached and the top one has the handle drilled and is waiting for it to be attached. They both need a polish and a sharpen to get rid of the light rust.


I would like £20 for these 2 posted

Many thanks Alex

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hi im after the 2 woodlore blanks ground to shape a neck knife and the bottom set of 3 . pm me the details for payment and a contact number please


atb sam

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