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Wheels/tyres On A Fourtrak

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I am looking at getting some new tyres for my fourtrak, the ones on it at the moment are nexen all terrain and are rubbish.

I do most of my miles on the road but during the duck season use it on wet fields boggy gateways ect so need a good all terrain tyre.

The ones on it are 255-70-15, I have looked at the bf goodrich but the nearest size I can find is 235-75-15, not knowing too much about tyres I think this means the ones already on it would be 20mm bigger than the ones I would be putting on.


Am I correct in thinking there is 20mm differance in width?


Would the size differance mean any difference in performance, handling, ect?


What is the advantages and disadvantages of wider tyres over narrower ones in general and would 20mm make much differance anyway?


Can anyone think of a better choice of tyre or am I making the best choice?


The car hasn't been lifted, would 16 inch rims be an option or should I stick to the 15?

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