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BSA Ultra .22 Now for sale

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I was asking for advice on how to restore the bluing/remove the surface rust off the barrel and action, but have now decided to offer it for sale, and or swap, I'm looking for less than the normal 2/3 rds of the new price due to it's less than pristine condition.


It is:


BSA Ultra in .22, was bought new early this year, has fired less than 100 pellets from new (mate had it and had it charged twice by his local gun shop, approx 30 odd shots per charge, still has charge in)



But .......... :icon_eek: he kept it in his shed ........... :no: and now it has got a bit of rust on the outside, that doesn't stop it being perfectly serviceable and very accurate though! It would suit a "proper" hunter perfectly, someone who uses a gun as a tool, not an office ornament as I do!















Scope is included and is an AGS 4 x 32 Mil Dot.


New price complete was around £330


Normal S/H prices are 2/3 rds of that so maybe £220, due to the condition and wanting a quick sale, how does £190 plus post (Special Delivery) sound?


Or ..........


I am open to offers for a swap, and am happy to put extra to it for the right gun, springer/gas ram preferred but don't be shy.

I like posh guns like Theobens etc, but anything decent considered.


I got the BSA for a erm ....... Junior to shoot with, but she hasn't taken to it so far, so no point me hanging on to it and having it reblued etc.


Collection is possible, CH66 Postcode.


Thanks for looking.



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Still here, would prefer a swap, am looking for an Air Arms TX200 if possible, condition as good as possible, happy to pay extra towards it.



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