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Show Off Your'e Labs

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my 4 and half year old black lab x called max. he is my first dog (not counting parents dogs as I wasn't responsible for feeding walking and washing them)


he has had no real training except a bit of basic sit, stay and recall at short distance. had him since he was 2, had a very rough time as a pup, first owner beat starved and locked him in cupboards. second owner treated him as a child and let him get away with murder. now I have had him just over 2 years and am now trying to train him as a retriever. going well so far, have managed to re groom the sit, lay down, and walking to heel on lead. will take time, but will be worth it.







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Heres my two, they work hard and work well. The dog in, beat and pick up not field trial robots but keepers dogs able to be jack of all trades.





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