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Ferrets Stolen Need A Hob

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the thieving scum of this earth has just relieved mine and my mates good working stock of ferrets from his garden this afternoon we have had the same blood strain for over 15 years an im gutted but has it happens i took 1 of the jills home with me the other day cos she was a bit off colour an i didnt want her to pass on anything she had to the others now i need a good hob to put to her as she's well in season so if anybody could help me please me an my mate would be grateful rang the coppers said they will send someone out but guess what nobody has been must be to busy eh....as for the thieving scummie b*^%"tards i hope our big hob bites your knob off if you put him down your pants....cheers




im in the Preston Lancs area if anybody can help

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