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I'm sure the keepers on here have heard this all before but i've just enroled on a game management course here in northern ireland, there are fewer keepered land over here than there is in england but if any body knew anyone looking for extra hands to help out around the shoot let me know, im trying to get a placement to work along side the course for two years. Thanks.

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Guest oldskool

i think some of the lads on here do pest control?? game keeping courses etc may branch off in places that will put you through your nvq for courses like countryside and management... i looked into some of those countryside management courses a few years back with greenmount college.. i cant remember how it came about now but there was a gamekeeping course that cropped up in ballymena... the pay was truely piss poor and with my finacial situation i didnt pursue it!! you could sell half a dozen of them guns you have bought and put yourself through your driving test :feck: ... ecolab were looking for ones not so long ago but a driving license is essential and it will pay off in the end because the pay packet was very good

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