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Foxhunting in England, Ireland & north america

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I just had a look on Waterstones and they selling same book for 110 notes mate in mint condition


Cheers - my book is in perfect condition, no folds or creases in the cover or pages, etc.


Think I'll stick it on ebay, and put a link on here for it !!!! see what happens !!!!

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Hi, Forgive me for the shameless bump, to advertise.... but it is, what it is! :-)


I've got a few old/rare books on ebay, that I think people on here could possibly, be REALLY interested in!!

hence my ploughing on through, my embarrassment at advertising this way !!


Victorian & Edwardian Field Sports from Old Photographs - Old Book



Wild Dogs of the World - Old Book



A Field Guide to the Birds of the British Isles - Elizabeth Balmer



Hope I don't annoy anyone, with this message, and hopefully I can pass on a book, to someone who will get more from it, than I will! :-)

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