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Guest Pat

went lamping last night me my dad and brother on some permission with the farmer we took the shotguns and we drove round the fields in the farmers 4x4 great fun me and my brother were in the back of the pickup with the guns and if the farmer saw a rabbit and it was out of range he put his foot down to try and get in shooting range before the rabbits got in to the edge :good: we got about 10 lost count after that. its hard to get them when there running round and the cars bouncing up and down as well and you carnt keep the gun steady great fun though I was suprised at the farmer drivingover his fields like that in the pickup. he was like a man puossesed once he saw a rabbit.lol. saw a nice vixen as well with in shooting range butwhen we saw it the farmeer said not to shoot it Iwas a bitdissapointed but what can you do hey :D. wished Id of seen that when we hada little walk around by ourselves :)

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