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monkey 2011

out with ratty for the night

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well i got out tonight for a shoot after sorting baby out she is doing well

set off with the king ratty in the bag cold as feck

got too the woods locked the bike up as its 2mins from my house

loaded my pocket with some pellets and off I go

walked past the grave yard and there they were 3 fat woodys just sitting there

on a old slate roof

loaded the ratty and took aim with the lazzer as the scope is in the post :whistling:

slowed my breathing down deepish breth in hold it and thump pellet in the side of the head


some dog walkers showed there heads soo off i went.

walked through the woods and there they were 5 tree rats i tryed too get last time with the hw77

she is now with her new proud owner :bye:

ill have you next time and walked off.

deep in the chest nut wood now and the light is starting too goo

crack a woodi droped out of a tree above me. :blink:

shit myself fell down a big bank on my arse.

gun out loaded lazzer on looking for the shooter :censored:

up poped this head SORRY MATE.

never mind hade a chat with the lad asked him were he shoots turns out hes got some permish's

I walked away with his nimber.

walking home up poped a bunny out the bush

loaded ready for the shot.

but he see me and bolted

never mind

till next time.

cant wait too get my hands on a bsa ultra singal shot :gunsmilie:

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