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Work AND track?

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I put this an answer in the lurcher section. Hoping to get a balanced response to it here:


I think that brought as a pup and brought up as you would a lurcher they would be smashing on all quarry. Think about it, a pure greyhound is as fast as you can get, its undiluted and pure. Whatever you put into it (collie, bull, bedlington etc etc) waters it down and detracts from the speed. The only way of not detracting from the speed is to x it with another pure running dog (whippet for accelaration, saluki for stamina).


A retired greyhound (ex track dog) only knows straight ahead and straight lines and not for very long at a time. Its body, muscles and bones have developed to be doing that work. If trained from a pup to go round trees, over fences and to work for hours rather than minutes at a time its muscles and bones will be slightly different and it will have much better stamina.


All a sighthound really wants to do is chase and being as greys are so fast not much can get away from a properly trained, agile one with stamina.


What I would like to know is if there is anybody out there who has had a greyhound from a pup, brought it up as a lurcher and also used ut on the track?

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