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Deer/GH Type 28''

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Will make a half decent lamp dog, 100% stockbroke, Jumps anything, Retrieve when he gets to know you can be a bit funny about bring it right to hand when there another dog there, Fine with other dogs, Sound in the kennel ect ect,



Just anit got the gears for certain day time quarry one paced thats why iam parting with him....


Iam putting him up for a £100 just to make sure he gets a decent home and keep the arseholes/peddlers/wankers away...!!



Location Northamptonshire M1 J16




No Stupid Remarks Anit Intrested Dont Reply..........!!!

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The dog is back up for sale.......!!


Had a lad comeing today but tried phoning and sent a text phone still off, And anit been on here since the 22nd......




''PLEASE'' no more time wasters PM for my number

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