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red merle

Shots per charge

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Im about to purcase a multi-shot Bsa Ultra and i was wondering roughly how many shots i'd get per charge, been looking on the web sites of shops but can't seem to find it


Would be greatfull of any help :):)


Red Merle

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i,ve got one a 22 ,i get about 25 good shots then it can get erratic,,one thing after i charge it up to 200 psi the 1st few shots are wildy unaccurate so i tend to fire it a few times straight after a charge ,,i bought the ultra solely for poaching as i can get it inside my barbour without no-one noticing but my friends hornet is more nicer to hold and shoot basically a better gun in my view but the ultra suits me and is deadly up to 30-35 yards ,not the quietist gun i,ve had though,,any thing i have shot with it has done a back flip and not flinched a muscle after it ,,shot a pest that was eating my goldfish the other day of the top of my neighbours fir trees must have been 35 yards ,instant death not even a flap .

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Guest The Shaman

,not the quietist gun i,ve had though,



I have just got an Ultra in single shot .22 but I've removed the nastly little SAS silencer that comes with it (looks the bizz but fooking loud) and put on my weihrach silencer - adds another 4 inches tio the length of the gun but does half quieten it down.


Nice little gun, shot count may seem quite low but most times I don't shoot 40 pellets anyhow :blink:

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