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lurcher lass

action shot camera

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hello everyone


this has probably been asked a thousand times but i'm looking to improve my camera which is a sony cybershot full hd 1080 which is a handy little one which does take some lovely shots the only problem i have with it is i can only get good action shots on the iso setting as when on the sport setting the photos are not as clear even though i have the advantage of being able to take continous photos when holding the butten down...


i'm looking for one that i can use next season to take photos of lurchers chasing rabbits, terriers ratting, foxhounds, and horse racing etc i'd like the photos to be in focus and still be able to take photo one after the other,, with fast shutting speed - i think thats what you call the time it takes to hold the butten down and the pic to be taken..


also i would like one that can take black and white photos


i am used to the sony set up, but am happy to try another name as long as i'd get the results i'm after,, something not overly tec as i know bits but not everything,


price wise i'm looking for a decent camera that will take good pics and last so looking between 6 and 8 hundred,,

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You'll need a DSLR camera to get the kind of shots you're after, and you should be able to get something pretty good for that sort of money. You will need a camera body and a couple of lenses - a short-range wide angle zoom, and a telephoto zoom for when the dogs are disappearing over the horizon :)


The two big names are Canon & Nikon. Both pretty well-matched when it comes to spec & price.


I'll put some links for you to have a look at - I'm not suggesting this shop is cheapest, or that you should buy from here (although I've always got good deals through them) but it's one of the best laid-out when it comes to window shopping ;)


These links are to twin lens kits, but you could get just a camera body and the lenses you want - just takes a bit more working out price wise. I'd suggest you go for a 18-55 or similar lens, and a 70-300 tele zoom. That would cover most situations. Whatever camera you get I'd recommend getting the best lenses you can afford, preferably the ones made by the camera manufacturer. Some would say Tamron and Sigma are wonderful, but tbh I don't rate them. Sigma build quality is passable, but image quality is variable, Tamron- no no no :no: and Tokina are just plain weird... I like my lenses to be able to double up as hammers on rainy days so I stick to Canon pro lenses now.


canon 450D


Nikon D5000


If you want to stick with the Sony brand there are a few kits around that would suit you




However, I reckon that this Pentax has to be a real bargain :yes: have to admit I haven't used one, but I did win one and had a quick look before it made it's way on to fleabay! It was very small & compact, and seemed pretty well built, and packed with features. Plus this kit has a slightly longer zoom.I'd say it was way ahead of a Canon 1000D, but maybe just not so trendy! Definitely worth a look.


I'd suggest you pop into your nearest Jessops or similar shop that stocks several brands and have a look. DSLRs can be quite big and clumsy to use and when there are several cameras of similar price and specification it can just come down to which one feels most comfortable to you. Have a good play with them in the shop and make the salesman earn his money ;)

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thank you so much for not only spending the time to read my ramble about not being sure but also ansering in such a clear and helpful way,, i'm just about to look at fleabay now for these examples


and i agree the bargain one does look great!


thanks again, all the best lurcher lass x x x

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