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Guest iceaz

-=Out Ferreting=-

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Guest iceaz

went out this morning with rew and witton rew had his 2 jills and witton his small jill


we decided to go to a big set that we had come along when mooching, we got there and set the nets which took the piss as there was around 30 holes within 5min we had a bolt but on a unnetted hole and it was on the other side of the hedge row so it was only heard and not seen, we made our way back and tried a few more smaller warrens but to no luck, so we decided to go to a place with a few small warrens that never fails us, we had one bolt on the first warren which was a 5 hole warren and we believed there to be more but we moved on as we was not to bothered on how many we catch as we dont want to be taking large numbers and f*****g it up for later on in the season.

we then moved to the next warren a 3 holer and we heard thumping so we got the locator out and had a quick scan of the area and we located the ferret about 2ft deep 5ft away from a hole, we dug until we broke through and could see the ferret and rabbit i reached in a grabbed the rabbit by the back legs and pulled it out it was a good size rabbit, we checked for more rabbits and another one was in there so i pulled it out i was wondering why they did not bolt out of the near by hole the reason was that there was a third rabbit in there that did decide to bolt when i begun to dig for it and the harris made a nice catch, all in all it was a good day and we got some good footage for our new dvd this season called " the modern day poachers "


now we are deciding what way to cook the rabbits lol





pulling rabbit out





harris on her kill





todays bag





From left to right its me, rew and witton

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was a good day.started of poor and ended great and tasted great after i roasted my rabbit.nice little jill witton.nice catch from the harris and i thought it was gonna make its escape as it was a far flight for the bird.


good hunting



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