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New site if anyone......

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Hello everyone.

I really hope Admin does not object to this post.

I think it will be OK.

But after a long think for a site name, I have went with the name.


I have based the site around a forum.

It is all about Gundogs and Shooting

It is incomplete yet but you can still visit and Join.

I appreciate all of your support during my early days / weeks and months.

I hope you decide to become part of a new site that needs members to give it life and lift.


We all have to begin somewhere so please show support for this new site.


Regards Steve

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I hope Ian does not mind but due to the lack of intrest in the new site !

I am maybe ? going to introduce a ferreting forum. :cry:

I am lacking members as I expected been a new board.

If any one fancys joining and expressing your views on the forum it will be apprieciated.

As you all know we all have to begin somewhere !

I hope I can strengthen the sport not gain only criticism.

If you think the board / site should be more widley spread ( in features I mean ) please join and tell me

maybe the few members I have could be intrested ?

Regards Steve

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