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pigeon shooting with an air rifle?

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hello there mate, im a young lad from scotland and i do alot of pigeons shooting with the air rifle or pigeons with decoys, i also tried many patterns such as the horse shoe or the v shape aswell but never had any luck at all, the next day i went shooting i built a hide out of broken brances and bits of log, i then walked out 15 yards to set my furthest decoy out then sort of scatterd them around having them in a cluster but kept the decoys 5 yards apart from each other. you never go ast your 15 yard mark just scatter them inwards around the 15 yards. after setting my decoys i attrackted loads or birds and had a lovely days shoot. Another thing, make sure your face and hands are coverd as pigeons can see white from miles away, i hope this can help you and bring you many days of succsefull shooting. p.s i shoot with a cometa 400s with a silencer on it and a air arms s510 and there cracking guns! thanks and many happy days shooting:)..

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You are best using shot birds for decoys as the pigeons dont seem to fussed when they land amongst them . Five decoys is more than enough to start then add more once you shoot them if needed. As for BAITING with food this is illegal and not worth the risk just incase you are seen .


ATB Eddie

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