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Grim Reaper

This year's General Licenses 2009

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My appologies if this has been done :o, if it has then Mods feel free to delete it. :icon_redface:


As you may be aware, wef: 01/01/2008, DEFRA no longer deals with the GL's - they are now being dealt with by Natural England 'Clicky'


The 'clicky' takes you to the GL page of the Natural England web site - from there you can download the GL relevant to you, but you will need to have Acrobat on your system to do it.


These are the ones that are of use to us, one way or t'other:



Licence to kill or take certain birds to prevent serious damage or disease WML Gen-LO5

Licence to kill or take certain birds to preserve air safety WML Gen-LO6

Licence to kill or take certain birds to preserve public health or public safety WML Gen-LO7

Licence to kill or take certain birds to conserve wild birds WML Gen-LO8



Hope this helps, and is useful to everybody.


Regards, :)


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i never understood this. so can i or can i not shoot pigeons in and around farm buildings?



The short answer: yes, you can. :)


In essense, as long as you are shooting under the terms of the licenses, then yes, you will be fine mate. :thumbs:


If, on the other handm you are just shooting willy nilly, as it were, with no consideration of the license terms set out in them, then you will have loads of trouble and strain if you are caught doing so. :yes:;)







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Again in essence, if the garden is their own, or one where they have shooting permission, and they abide by the licence terms, then there would be nothing wrong in doing it - providing the quarry is being shot for a valid reason contained within the terms.


The exception of course being rabbit, as most of England (with 2 or 3 exceptions) is classed as a rabbit clearance zone, and all land owners within that zone are legally obligated to keep rabbits on their land under control - full stop. :yes:





Hope this helps you some, Air Gunner? :thumbs:







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