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  1. Thanks guys I will be getting a few turkeys now
  2. I don't know if anyone could shed any light on this but I have been told that you can't keep chickens and turkeys together as turkeys carry a disease that kills chickens. Is this true? as I have never heard of this before. Joe.
  3. Hey guys, I have an issue with my young springer (around 7 months old) dropping dummies when training, he retrieves fine, and then comes back but drops the dummy before I can take it from his mouth. How can I stop this? Thanks, Joe
  4. 3/4 Saluki 1/4 greyhound, he is my 1st lurcher, he's 3 now but is a great ferreting dog, but haven't had him out on his own much.
  5. Oh I know I will never clear them all! and my boss knows that too. nothernlite your right, my old job we grew cereals and was a bloody pain as the fields where being worked on throughout the year so no chance of getting out properly.
  6. Exciting news for my household (Live on my own but still exciting!) I have a new springer pup He comes from working parents (nothing well known) but I have seen the parents work since they have been pups and they are excellent workers. So I am looking forward to training this beast up and getting him out with me. Joe
  7. Okay so the other day I was talking to my boss and he has basically said he wants me to get rid of every rabbit on his land and as every one knows that is near on impossible but to humour him I said I would take what I can. Now the farm is about 1500 acres and is an old air base, nice a flat plenty of open fields and brilliant running territory, strangely there isn't many warrens about (theres a few huge ones but they are in the hedges along the road and within the slurry lagoon banks. But in the fields there isn't many except the odd 4 or 5 holers in the fields. The only 2 crops we grow is grass and maize and since the majority of the grass has had its final cut the running is perfect. So long story short I took my dog out for the 1st time without the ferrets the other morning and went on 3 nice courses but only caught the 1 buck rabbit so I am happy and since I am new here I felt like sharing my 1st run out of the year (its been about 2 years now actually as getting back into my fieldsports)
  8. I have never been wildfowling before but have shot for quite a while (driven, and rough shooting) I really want to get into wildfowling and am wondering how do you go about getting into the sport? Do you just go door knocking like you do for other fieldsport or are there any spots where you can buy a day ticket to shoot or what? I live in East riding of Yorkshire, and i know they have a wildfowlers club but after speaking to them on the phone I will only be going shooting once, MAYBE twice in a season due to the numbers of people and new restrictions on land that they can shoot. TIA Joe.
  9. Hey everyone, I used to have an account on here but don't remember any details. I am a pig farmer near York, love my ferreting, trapping and shotguns and hope I can learn a bit off of here
  10. Just wondering what everyone on here does fitness wise with there dogs when you don't hunt them. I just road walk mine and stick them on the lure if the ground isn't too hard, and when I can let him have a run around the fields. But other than that I let mine rest and recover from the season. Do you lot do anything in particular? Or have any advice for me as I have only been running my dog for the last 2 seasons.
  11. Hey everyone, I used to have an account years ago (JoeD) but I cant remember the password so was easier to just make a new accoutn. I am a keen ferreter, fisherman, shooter and lurcherman. I would like to learn more about my rifles as this is the next thing I want to do. Hope to have a laugh with everyone on here, and hopefully this site is as good as what it used to be. All the best, Joe.
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