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  1. UnsworthTangerine

    Barf Diet For Working Labrador

    I will be collecting a new pup in three weeks that will (hopefully) be trained and used for picking up. I fancy giving the BARF diet a go but wondered if it will be suitable for a working Lab? I assume that if I fed rabbit and game birds as part of the diet they have to be skinned? Would the dog associate picking up a rabbit or pheasant as food if that's what he is fed on; i.e will he start feeding whilst hes working? Am I looking too deeply into this? Any advice would be great. Thanks. Gary.
  2. UnsworthTangerine

    Huma Regulator

    Fitting a regulator won't increase shot count per sé. What it will do is allow you to fill to a higher pressure, say for example 200 bar and remove the power curve, so from 200 bar down to about 90 bar ( or whatever the reg pressure is set at). Plus the reg should even out shot to shot irregularities.
  3. UnsworthTangerine

    .177 Or .22

    one of each.
  4. UnsworthTangerine

    Bsa Ultra Se Triggers

    The Rowan engineering trigger is very easy to fit. Two pins remove the old unit and refit the new one. They come with a printed instruction booklet and the correct sized allen keys.
  5. UnsworthTangerine

    Bsa Ultra Se Triggers

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8neOOr8Bxk BSA trigger adjustment. The trigger units are the same on nearly all the BSA rifles so the instructions stand. http://www.carabinasypistolas.com/imagenes/articulos/original/1953.pdf More instructions here.