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  1. R just gotta laugh about it patt boarder jack Plummer so on all good dogs just luck of the draw if ones good at ratting makes me laugh how serious theses guys take shit inner city mad men
  2. i guess you dont have much experience in WORKING terriers No sorry man of the year
  3. End of the day I could go spend six bill on a dog keep it in my house leave it to the Mrs and it still would be shit because it ain't been showed sent or put in a position where instict will kick in see my little boarder could be a waste of time but because I take Him places with rats and rabbits up the farm round the bales and food stores he slowly learns what to do I aint got another dog to show him so that's already dis advantage but my point is a dog is what you make it yes the breed comes in to it but it ain't everything and neither is the money you pAy my boarders dad is a pure kc registered pedigree and I didn't pay much just pisses me off
  4. f***ing sausage mate all anal about this shit look Mate it's a f***ing dog to pal up with my little boarder I aint some full on working dog handler who eats shits and breaths them if I find a nice dog right price I'll have him just cus a pure line don't mean shit that is better than any other dog my little boarder cross was a pure accident and he shows plenty of potential cost me £150 I'd say ur a gullible idiot if your paying mad money for a dog may aswell take it to crufts next month and you show a dog the work if it's got the instinct it will go to ground simple as fucks me off can't even post on no forum asking if there's any dog about or guns or permission without some big head top man trying to make you look like some little dickhead
  5. cus I want a plumber terrier mate and my dogs only 5 months mate
  6. Hopefully my boarder cross needs a mate on the ratting
  7. Plumber terrier dog pup will pay up to £300
  8. I no wem yes I get your point now to be fair I'm in same boat I used to shoot them met my partner moved out had two kids and only now that been able to get back in to it my grandad has a farm near me wich I shoot on but not much in the way of feral pigeons or rabbits plenty of rats wich my terrier gets I just want to get more experience I'd love to go lampung personally always wanted to try it out I just need a few places to shoot because going to one place all the time i have to,give it time before I go back I've thought about putting feeders up for squirrels in his wood like but not sure at the moment I need to try and buddy up with someone to be fair just gotta keep trying I suppose
  9. Hmmm contributing how is that gonna get me permission and bridgnorth area mate where you from mate
  10. Thanks arm dog where are you have you got many ferals
  11. Hello I am offering help in Shropshire area for controll of feral pigeons in stores and crop areas would appreciate any offers clean no mess respect for premises any response welcome thanks
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