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  1. Can anyone tell me what the dmaxs is like on fuel ?
  2. Thinking Of getting a pick up but unsure what to look at! Heard a lot of good things about the dmax any one got any good pointers?
  3. Has anyone got any walked up rough shooting over Xmas? South west area
  4. Wanted rough walked up shooting in the south west has anyone got anything?
  5. Thanks for all the help I will look at putting an island in! Will call duck bring in teal or just mallard?
  6. Oh [BANNED TEXT] call ducks are new to me so u would put them in a pen in the middle of the pond?
  7. Thanks for the help the farmer dosent want it much bigger! Calling ducks wont they just fly away
  8. It's about 2ft deep in the middle with four shallow bits to feed! I am feeding barley
  9. Hi I have cleared a pond out that I shot when I was young about 10 years ago, it's about a mile away from a big lake but can't get any ducks there. I have been feeding it for about a month and nothing is taking the food! Any ideas?
  10. Hi my name is Sam am from near Bristol love shooting and working my springer.
  11. Hi can anyone help? I have dug out a pond that I shot about 10 years ago, it had over grown and dried up! It is now full and have been feeding it for about a month and nothing is taking the feed! It is about a mile for a big lake. Any ideas how to attract ducks there?
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