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  1. yarite guys I've been looking into getting a running dog for some time now, and have finally got the bird on board(just about). I've been searching the forum and found some great info but just wanting some advice on picking the right greyhound pup for hunting and if it would be alright for a running dog. the places i'll be mooching around are large flat grass fields so think a pure greyhound might fare well to get distance quick. cheers guys any advice welcome atb
  2. thats what I'm thinkni now anyway
  3. she's nervous thinks he's gotta protect her, got him a muzzle for when she walks him for time being
  4. have got a lab nearly 2 years, soft idiot but can be pretty guardy at times with me however still obedient and not aggressive. when my girlfriend walks him though whole different story he tries to kill anything(man or dog) that comes close to her. any advice lads would be appreciated as i said can but protective but not aggressive when he's with me or I'm around, just so weird cause he's such a lovely dog. schitz dog haha just don't know what to do with him
  5. how do i go about changing my username on here? cheers
  6. mainly rabbits whether that be ferreting or whatever with dogs. getting me a lurcher soon but being a newbie i wanna see how people work them and learn if you get me been reading up but theres only so much you can read, need hands on experience!
  7. just wondered if i could tag along with anyone to get shown ropes. new to this and trying to get into it from york are would appreciate it if anyone could help us out! cheers guys!
  8. cheers guys, anyone here from york area?
  9. hi there new to this site, looking to get my first lurcher and wanting some advice anyone got any advice to where to start looking, best crosses for first dogs, dogs to stay away from etc? also good equipment to get and dvds etc. mainly will be using the dog for rabbits. any advice at all will be greatly appreciated cheers guys
  10. hello folk I'm new to this so bear with me.. I've been looking into getting a dog of my own for some time and just wondered if anyone had some advice for me like best all rounder for a newbie, equipment etc. a mates put me in the direction of a greyhound litter who were bred for racing and he thinks they'd make a good dog for getting into it? what do you guys think? any advice would be appreciated cheers
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