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  1. I have a AA prosport .22 FAC ordered and I'm currently getting my bearings on Chair pro. I'm also making sure I have some recommended pellets for when I take delivery. One of the pellets being recommended is the Air Arms 18 gr fields but they not on the database of Chairpro. Those anyone have the Ballistic coefficient of Air Arms 18 gr Fields so I can look at the figures in Chair pro
  2. Hi All, My range finder is a leica crf 1200 and gives the reading in yards.....looks like you cannot change it Having just order a AA prosport and Hawke sidewinder mill dot scope......my concern is that mill dot reticle is compatible and geared towards metres. My question, can you get you mil dots to work with yards aka 1 dot holdover 45 yard second 55 yards etc?
  3. Thank you so much for your informative post...much appreciated I rang AA to ask them where to get barrel clamp and they put me in contact with Blackpool air rifles...just ordered one off their site and real nice tan leather sling Anyway the rifle I'm getting is the FAC version of the Prosport as in Ireland you need an FAC no matter what the power is, so might as well go for the extra power....it would appear the rifle will be a 16ftIb. Can't wait to get it
  4. So I'm after purchasing a .22 AA pro sport, I have been watching a lot of vidoes on youtube and one person appears to have a fantastic knowledge of this particular airgun....Si Pittaway....had hope to direct a few questions to him...unfortunately it looks like he is banned. I'm hoping here are a few more experts to answer a few queries I want to get a sling, Si appears to have an attachment to the barrel to link the sling to...I always thought nothing should touch the barrel as it affects accuracy...can anyone explain this....I'm sure there is a valid explanation so where's the best place
  5. Hi All, I'm a keen hunter in Cork, Rep of Ireland. Finance manager by week and a amateur hunter on the weekends. Have been rough shooting with English springer spaniel past 5 years (Beretta silver pigeon). I also go foxing one every two weeks or so....have .223 T3 Lite with S&B 8x56 scope & wildcat mod....love the rifle...so accurate. I must admit I love hunting with the rifle and getting onto the technical side. As I live in the country an airgun for short range shooting would be feeding the love for rifle shooting....bullet drop etc..except you don't have the dangers of a centre f
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