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  1. Yes, that is me! A friend of mine who has access to it put the info up for me
  2. Hi guys yeah I have PM'd him, took me a while to work out how to do it as you can't just click on someones username (you can't as a newbie anyway I don't know if that changes once you've posted more), you have to go through your own profile to the messenger thing and then put their username in manually... bit different to the forums I am used to lol! Who else did she belong to? I would love to see some old photos of her if anyone had any, and just know a little more about what her life was like... it sounds as though she's been passed from pillar to post, which is a shame, but she's going nowhere now PM me if you don't wanna put the other persons' name on here, I couldn't find anything else!
  3. I have just recently seen an archived thread from May 2010 (it came up on Google upon searching the parents of my bitch) from a member here who was offering a Greyhound bitch free to good home - the dog being offered on here is from the same litter as my girl - Narof Blackie x Top Honcho (who I rehomed privately from someone else) and the dog on here is said to have had a broken leg, which my girl has - and only ever ran one race in which she finished 2nd - same as mine. So, this kind of sounds as though it could be my girl! I hope this is allowed, I have been desperate to find out some of her background as the girl I got her from bascially had no idea about her! I know her racing name, obviously, but was never sure what happened to her after her racing days ended. The thread I found on here sheds quite a bit of light on it - I presumed her injury was sustained whilst racing, but from what i've read here it seems not. The member in question says he also had her race card, which I would be interested to at least have a copy of if he still has it (which I know is a long shot, it's 4 years ago now). I hope this is allowed, I love her so much, she is just a fabulous dog! I'd love to be able to find out a bit more about what happened to her prior to me getting her, but more than anything, would just like to let the member know (if he is still active on here) that she is safe, happy, healthy and very much loved. I don't want to put my girls racing details on here and don't want to mention the name of the member as I am not sure how strict rules are on here - but if you rehomed a bitch from the Narof Blackie x Top Honcho litter with a broken leg (sustained after running into a silver birch apparently) in May 2010 then I would really really like to hear from you as my girls past has always interested me. Again, I hope this is allowed!