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  1. It's looking more at the aspect of animal life vs human life. So hunting seemed fitting to me. I really wanted to learn more about the subject of hunting before I started the project properly, so I'm not misinformed about anything. - Which is why I came here for opinions and to browse the forums.
  2. Hi, Can I ask what it is you don't like about the survey? If you think there are any changes that I can make, I will gladly listen to any suggestions and take them into account. Thanks!
  3. If anyone has a few minutes to spare, could you please fill out a survey about hunting for my college project? I don't know many people that have actully been hunting, and I would love to hear your opinons on this, I really want to learn more on the subject so that I can make an acccurate representation of the sport in my final work. Thank you! http://bit.ly/1eexiAi Note: Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, I'm new.
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