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    Trace a bull lurcher

    Looking for a bit of help. I sold a bull lurcher pup to a couple in Glasgow. I have since just found out they have given him away, and no longer reply to any of my messages. Last message I got was they had given him to a farm that was it. Not sure if the farm was about Glasgow or anything. Any help or if anyone knows someone who has bought a predominantly white with black marks 9 month old lurcher I’d appreciate being informed. Bit of a long shot.
  2. JamesMac86

    Hi From Moray

    Hi Folks Been scrolling through this site for quite a while (not sure why it's taking me so long to sign up). Got a 10 month old Deerhound x Greyhound/Collie bitch, however i think there might be something else in her.Vet who does all her checks ups is convinced she has Saluki in her (he has years of experience with Lurchers). This is my first Lurcher, i'll hopefully get pics up of her in the evening. Anywho, looking forward to gaining some knowledge and getting advice on running dogs in general. James
  3. Hi Folks New to The Hunting Life and looking for a little advice on my new pup. I'm a new owner in regard to Lurchers, pups a bitch, Deerhound x Greyhound/Saluki. My situation is we got her when she was 16 weeks old, her mother had rejected the entire litter and so she was hand reared. She has been very timid and quite stand off with both my girlfriend and i and doesn't really respond to any kind of stimulus from us or our other dog. When we take her out she barely leaves our side, in contrast to this her sister who my friend took is a bundle of energy. It really is chalk and cheese. Now i am aware that like people, all dogs have different traits and personalities however i've never had a pup that is so demure. Also she occasionally whines when she is out with us, but again i have checked her as has the vet and have found no signs of injury and has been given a clean bill of health, so it has made me question whether she is hurt or is whining for another reason? I know it's a fairly vague post but any advice or info on this whether some of you have had similar situations with your pups would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.