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  1. Tried to message you but says you cannot receive messages!
  2. Hi bird shoot on North Yorkshire moors between Pickering and Whitby, 8 days on pheasant, partridge and duck on a walk n stand basis. Dog essential, not for the novice gun - £600. PM for further details, visits can be arranged - and are recommended. Tonyc
  3. Try 'sealskinz' various gloves and socks all waterproof etc http://www.sealskinz.com Tonyc
  4. I carry 2 shoulder slings rolled up in a bum bag, gralloch in the field leave the sternum uncut and the pluck in and into the sling, I could carry one over each shoulder with the rifle free in my hands for the chance of a third! (OK so I can dream).
  5. Try Yorkshire Game Angling on www.yga.yorks.com they stock some decent starter outfits and an extensive fly tying range. Best beginners outfit is a 9' to 9'6" rod, 7 weight line and reel with 3 spools to take 3 lines - floating, intermediate and sinking. Good Luck Tonyc
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