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  1. Ye give us a shout if ya go down mate ill come down with mine only live round the corner
  2. Round by the showcase at night supposed to be full of them mate I've got a few terriers meself but not quite old enough yet
  3. Ye that's it mate hopefully meet some decent lads the bitch I've got is just under 6 months now do u think it would be ok to start her on rats now
  4. Alright lads ,I'm new to this site, just got two Nuttall patterdales and I'm just after a bit of advice and if possible some hands on experience digging etc, I've only ever had lurchers but this was a few years back before the kids! So it's been a while, want to get back into it all but this breed is all new to me, any help or advice would be great, and would be willing to travel, thanks, mick
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