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  1. Passionate~Hunter

    Bushing Bitch

    ok mate, thank you very much for the honest answer To many folk would of said anything to get the dog sold. I wish you all the luck with the sale.
  2. Passionate~Hunter

    Bushing Bitch

    would tis dog be any good for ferreting?
  3. Passionate~Hunter

    Salukixbullxgrey Sold!!!

    They sound cracking dogs mate. Good luck with the sale and wish you all the best.
  4. Passionate~Hunter

    Gwp X Lurcher

    Any pics mate?
  5. Passionate~Hunter

    Parson Russell Terrier

    Grand picture mate! Cheers for that.
  6. Passionate~Hunter

    Best Ferreting Shovel

    What kind is it mate?
  7. Passionate~Hunter

    Best Ferreting Shovel

    This is the reason I got it. Just to tide me over while I decided what money to spend on a good one. And I've still got it Honestly can't fault it. LOL I might end up exactly like you. IF I get a good few seasons out of it I will be more than happy tbh. I might even just replace it with the same kind if I really jell with it
  8. Passionate~Hunter

    Best Ferreting Shovel

    That looks like it would suit me perfect or at least until I decided if I want to spend the extra money on a bulldog spade.
  9. Passionate~Hunter

    Best Ferreting Shovel

    I can second this. It's the roughneck round point micro shovel. 27" and £12.99 from screwfix. I can't tell you how many times I was laughed at or lads took the piss when I took it out of the boot last season and so far this season. But I can't fault it. I'm a heavy handed f****r and I've got a knack of breaking cheap tools. But this has been spot on and it's had some use. Dug 4-5 foot with it at least 10 times and loads of 2-3 foot digs. Your like me then mate. LOL Cheers
  10. Passionate~Hunter

    Best Ferreting Shovel

    That looks good mate.
  11. Passionate~Hunter

    Best Ferreting Shovel

    My problem is I don't take a motor with me so I need a spade that will ideally be suitable for most situations. Because to be honest it would be a pain carrying 3 or 4 different shovels aswell as the ferret box and net bag etc.
  12. Passionate~Hunter

    Best Ferreting Shovel

    I have just found a folding one on Ebay which is a spade/pick axe and a saw. It's £17.
  13. Passionate~Hunter

    Parson Russell Terrier

    Your guess is as good as mine mate.
  14. Passionate~Hunter

    Saxon Plummer Terriers

    Thank you very much for that. I did see that there was some health problems when I was reading up on them but couldn't find much on them so I assumed they were bred out (To a certain point.) I did message "KEEPS" But sadly she isn't planning on breeding a litter anytime soon. :/ . I think I will just have to wait till spring and try do as much research as I can till then and hopefully a decent litter will be available. But once again thank you.
  15. Passionate~Hunter

    Knife Advice

    carbon but they need taking care of more as they rust like cnuts midnight makes knives http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/261528-every-week-at-my-forge-and-workshopupdated/ Cheers mate. Are carbon sharper than stainless? I saw a thread about it but lost it...