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    Hunting , working on my Allotment, walking my dog!!
  1. EJHBayliss

    Shotgun O/u 12 - 20

    hello every one ! ig nore old post have found what looking for . sorry to mess anyone around e
  2. EJHBayliss

    Hello From Bulgaria.

    helllo welcome , beautiful bore !!
  3. EJHBayliss

    When Will It Stop!!

    how is it every time i go out with the dog it seems to be fairly dry ,anytime i want to go shooting or hutning its raining what happend to all our sun ,
  4. EJHBayliss

    He's there... somewhere

    a good read ! cheers
  5. EJHBayliss

    New Member In Oxfordshire

    welcome ! glas to see someone else is in the same county as me !!
  6. EJHBayliss

    New Member From Oxfordshire

    welcome!! glad too see someone else is in the same county as me !!
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    Hello to everyone ! My name is Elliot most people call me bay or along the lines of my second name ! I'm 22 and live near henley in Oxfordshire . I've got a SBT called Tink as seen in my photo. I love being out with her wether walking or hunting . That's a little about me just looking to widen my knowledge on hunting and specific areas on it. hope people can help Thanks Elliot