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  1. Here goes, cash or swap anything within the value £30+
  2. I honestly dont no Its also up for swap suerly i dont have to put a price on it if im swapping
  3. TBH i havent a price in mind, can only compare to ebay prices if this helps.
  4. As above in excellent condition & an even better read. For Sale or Swap. Anything hunting related welcome, thanks.
  5. As above in brand new condition, unwanted xmas present. Black in colour, fired 3 times £60 ono. Located in Sunderland, Tyne & Wear. Thanks for looking.
  6. On Ya Go

    Offroad Tyres

    I a seen sum pal for £150 but there not trepadors in the pic
  7. On Ya Go

    Offroad Tyres

    Whats the title on gumtree, cant find them pal ?
  8. On Ya Go

    Offroad Tyres

    Nice 1 pal al have a look now, you available all day tomorow ?
  9. On Ya Go

    Offroad Tyres

    What the like on the road pal, rough/loud ?
  10. On Ya Go

    Offroad Tyres

    Still got the tyres there pal ?