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  1. Wanted a .17 hmr ideally around plymouth and surrounding area got around £250 only need gun as got all other bits
  2. Thanks for the info I do like the air rifle so don't want to sell it will just keep it at 12lb and look for an fac
  3. Have got a 12lb .22 BSA r10, just received my license for rim and fac and was wondering if it worth converting the r10 and roughly what cost or just buy another fac air rifle.
  4. Hi I am after a .22 hornet reloading kit
  5. Have stripped it down that's how I know it is spring when pellets are feed as it spins around they are not lining up properly to enter barrel causing it to jam, the spring has lost tension so need to replace it rather then spend 40 on a new mag
  6. Can you buy replacement springs for the .22 bsa mags it is the red new style but spring has gone weak and doesn't line up properly
  7. Thanks for the useful info. I know it is usually around the 13th may. But with all this different weather we have had as of late not sure if anyone had noticed any early signs.
  8. Is this a set in stone date, wasn't 100% sure with the different weather we have had
  9. Any one know what date is looking good for shooting branchers, got a new bsa r10 I am keen to try out
  10. Just purchased a brand new BSA r10 .22 bull barrel what pellets for vermin control
  11. Could you send some more pictures to dominic_newman2002@yahoo.co.uk and what area are you based thanks
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