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  1. Join us hunting in the Eastern Cape , 100 000 hectare block of heaven for hounds. Four packs on predator control in two adjoining conservancies. One pack for bushpig hunting. Great hounds , great scenery , great people , losts of game and lots of action.
  2. It is true a lot of game species numbers are declining due to loss of space ( habitat ) , its a well known topic of discussion however it is a global issue and not restricted to certain continents. In respect of lions much is to be said and debated about the prefab lion hunting in South Africa. It has its merits. However the hunting of these animals in South Africa will remain prefab. If I had a client insistant on wanting a hunt of this nature , he would be told all the details of the operation from begining to end. That be , should I decide to involve myself in contracting to undertake s
  3. Oh oh , opened a can of worms here have I. Thought I was just sharing info on canned lion hunting in SA. What I have shared is only the plain simple truth. However I need to draw the line when someone attacks trophy hunting or blames trophy hunters for the plight of White Rhino's. The rhino's firstly are not subject to racial prejudice like other South African's both the White and Black are being poached illegally for their horns for the Asian black market traditional medicines. Legal trophy hunting is the most contributing factor behind the success story of bringing the rhino back from th
  4. Mickey Finn , I would strongly discourage you from partaking in a hunt of this nature. Use your money on something else. The sad truth of these hunts is that I have sat silently observing expectant hunting clients around campfires at night being entertained by stories by their professional hunters. The professional hunters sound like stuck tape recorders as they repeat the same story to multiple clients within a given month. It is well rehearsed.The average time span for such hunts is 1 1/2 days. Sadly I get the feeling a lot of the clients just humour the PH's as they most times are fully
  5. We are based in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. I have spent most my life hunting with terriers , lurches and hounds. I have been actively involved in predator / damage causing animal control since 1987 in conjunction with undertaking hunting trips for paying clients. I am a registered hunting outfitter and qualified professional hunter. My passion is hunting with hounds of which I own two teams for hunting predators and one for bushpig hunting. Among the predator we use the hounds on are the leopard , occassionally lion but most regularly for black backed jackal and caracal ( lynx ). Th
  6. Check out my facebook albums guys. We are all about hunting predators with hounds as well as bushpig. Would love to have you over to join us for some hound action in the good old Eastern Cape ( Settler Country ) in South Africa.
  7. Lion hunting in South Africa is a farce. Probably one of the most over rated degrading hunting being legally undertaken in modern times. Totally prefabricated. I have undertaken such hunts and am not proud in admitting to it. However I can at least debate the topic on grounds of first hand experience.Most these lion hunts are marketed from a standpoint of danger and adrenaline kick. yes often these captive bred lion do get very worked up , actually more stressed out as their flight from pursuers is restricted by electrified high fences. Any self respecting lion faced by these obstacles will pr
  8. Currently engaged in working out details on hunts that should appeal to members that enjoy the inclusion of dogs in the field. Hope I am allowed to use this platform fr advertising. Please let me know asap if thats against the rules.
  9. Hello to all hunting enthusiasts. Sparks Hunting is also home to Sparks Hounds the ULTIMATE X. We are located in the Eastern Cape of South Africa in a country town called Tarkastad. This little town lies nestled between the Great Winterberg and Stormberg mountain ranges. I have been a professional hunter and registered outfitter since 1987. I have persude mostly hunting with hounds , terriers and lurchers. I specialised in trailing problem leopard until present time. On a daily bases the hound teams are engaged in problem animal control for stock farmers hunting black backed jackal and
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