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    Metal snare

    iv been using a steel wire three strands wound up in a drill and tether that with three strands of 50 pound fishing line to home made stakes iv been setting about 6 traps and getting at least three cathches is this a good ratio
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    hi my names chris im from norfolk i got into hunting about 6 months ago lamping rabbits with an air rifle mostly in orchards its realy difficult to stalk them this time of year as the floor is coverd in apples and dead fall so iv now been using snares if i dont shoot any i all ways manage to get a few in the snares i set the snares about 12 in the afternoon there is a large warren in the far left corner and i will set them in the beats leading to it i wiill arrive later about 8 pm i work my way thru maybee hitting a rabbit or two with my .22 on the way up most of the time i can hear the rabbits thrashing about as i approch the traps and finish the job with the .22 at the moment im gettin 2-3 rabbits a night but seeking a new permission daily thanks for reading and happy hunting