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  1. Hi, I have just moved to Cardiff and was hoping I could go shooting with someone in South Wales. I have previously been pigeon shooting around Nottinghamshire as well as years of experience shooting rough shooting in Iceland
  2. arf

    Newby from Nottingham

    Hello and welcome, I am also a new member and live in Leicester. I have just returned to the UK after years abroad and have no shooting experience in the UK. I am looking for somewhere to shoot pigeons and other birds relatively cheaply. Since you have lots of experience in these areas I would love to get some advice from you and possibly meet up regards, Andre
  3. Hello members, I have just returned to the UK after years abroad. I have hunting experience abroad but not over here. Where I have lived there is only one way of hunting and that is to go out into the countryside during the various seasons, stalking the prey and hopefully getting some for dinner. Therefore the many different forms of driven and rough methods are new to me. I am looking for some cheap ways to shoot birds and having a buddy to show me the ropes wouldn´t be too bad either I have however yet to find somewhere to go. That´s why I´m here.
  4. arf

    Hi from Wales

    Welcome mate. Hope you get the funds to be able to make the knives